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The candidate who interviewed himself

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 | Posted by | 6 responses
By CHRIS SMITH / The Press Democrat

About now, many candidates for city councils strain to differentiate themselves from the pack, but not George Barich.

Barich is the character recalled from the Cotati City Council in 2009 and fined earlier this year by the state Fair Political Practices Commission for violating campaign contribution laws.

Determined to be heard in Cotati and unhappy with local media coverage, Barich launched the monthly Cotati Independent. He recounts in a recent issue how he loads up a 1992 Nissan Sentra with 147,389 miles on it and personally delivers 4,000 copies of his newspaper to homes and businesses.

It was front-page news in the Independent, of course, when Barich decided to seek re-election to the city council. A new complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission by Cotati resident John Moore, who led the successful effort to remove Barich from the council, contends the candidate is distributing campaign materials masquerading as a newspaper. The FPPC can sort that out.

But one Cotati Independent story in particular illustrates Barich’s hutzpah. Under the byline “Story by Staff Reporters,” it reports that the paper invited all four of the Cotati City Council candidates on the November ballot to participate in a 30-minute interview with the Independent.

“All declined,” Barich’s newspaper reported, “except George Barich.”

The Independent publisher presumably interviewed himself and now ponders which candidate the paper will endorse.

6 Comments for “The candidate who interviewed himself”

  1. It all starts so innocently. Then the PD’s Smith makes the final statement which is a direct slant toward the re-election of the status quo City council. This is just bad journalism–and I’m not referring to Barich’s newspaper. The PD seems to be married to the Cotati city council. Tsk tsk. Is Chris Smith a bit biased?

  2. George is not taken too seriously here in Cotati. For the same reason this article points out. His antics, and his small band of un-merry followers are certainly frustrated with the direction of our government and elected officials. However, this is democracy at its best, messy and clumsy. The good news is that everyone has a voice and George and his un-merry band of followers are participating, unlike so many others that are self-medicating and hoping that it all works out.

  3. A Press Democrat delivery person recently completed a diversion program to avoid a misdemeanor for vandalizing stacks of Cotati Independents. Did the PD or Voice report this? I think not. I mean why would they, its embarrassing.

  4. I don’t agree with George on many issues, and I do think George and staff should just post the names of those who contributed to the article, but it sounds like Mr Moore is more concerned that people get their news from more than friendly sources. By the way, was your article news, or commentary?

  5. The Cotati Independent is hardly a newspaper.
    The by lines all read story and opinion. Opinion is not news.
    Just the facts, please.

    • Your comment is what’s opinion, friend.
      There’s nothing in The Cotati Independent that the citizens of this town haven’t seen happen first hand.

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