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Cotati Chamber of Commerce opposes Measure U

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 | Posted by | 8 responses

No on U sign at a store front in downtown Cotati. (Nicole Zimmerman/Press Democrat)

The Cotati Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously voted to oppose the Measure U, which bans the use of “roundabouts, traffic circles or any other similar traffic feature,” saying that it is overly vague and fiscally irresponsible. Measure U will be on the November ballot.

The Chamber issued this statement:

“The measure fails to adequately designate exactly what features can and can not be used, not only in the downtown area, but in the entire City of Cotati.

“Banning ’round’ traffic features in the entire city could potentially bring litigation concerning new roadways, including something as simple as a new housing development and the use of a cul-de-sac. The amount of money that this could cost the city is difficult to calculate, but any expense is unnecessary and more than the city can afford.

“Furthermore, the changes necessary to the General Plan, the Downtown Specific Plan and the forfeiture of government grant money could cost the city up to $3.7 million. Because of these problems, the Chamber feels that Measure U should not be passed.”

Tell us what you think in the comments and vote in our opinion poll: Should Cotati ban roundabouts?

8 Comments for “Cotati Chamber of Commerce opposes Measure U”

  1. Something tells me the current Cotati City Council members don’t give a hoot about how much they put the city into a larger deficit. If you don’t understand WHY, even a single roundabout is a bad idea for our small, bicycle, pedestrian(young and old!), and handicap friendly city, please give this link a read.
    Here you’ll learn the good and the bad. After reading this article, written by engineers, you’ll see the true impact a roundabout will have on our small town feel, and just how badly it will hurt our city’s coffers.

    • Morgan,

      I’m not sure who “brighthub engineering” is, but many of the statements on this website are not supported by the many technical reports published by the US Department of transportation, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and others. I think i’m more inclined to believe these unbiased sources than the “facts” on some random website published by who knows.

      • Where as I give proof to my argument, you make no such attempt to do so for your own. You might like to Wiki search the Bright Hub corporation, and all of their subsidiary groups. You’ll be surprises how many pies their fingers are in.
        -Have a nice day :)

  2. Wouldnt Voting YES? Be banning.

  3. Voting Yes on Measure U would BAN roundabouts and cul-de-sac like features in the city of Cotati. Obviously this would exclude preexisting circular features, as found on the south eastern outskirts of town.

  4. The writer of the blog that Morgan H. gives the link to is Tarun Goel. Here is his bio:
    “Tarun Goel has worked with travel and software companies as a business associate and has helped these companies to grow. Currently, he is a freelance writer and works in the tourism sector as well. He has also worked as an online writer for years and maintains three blogs. He has worked as a civil engineer but found writing as his true calling and for the last 4 years, Tarun has been working as an active writer. He is a civil engineering graduate.”
    He does indeed have a civil engineering background, but no where does it list any credentials for traffic specialist. Some of the points he states as fact are directly opposed to other research on roundabouts. Sorry, Morgan, but I’ll maintain my belief that roundabouts are cheaper, greener, more efficient, and safer based on world-wide research, as opposed to one blogger’s opinion. Citizens of Cotati should vote NO on Measure U.

  5. Suzanne,
    I see that I cannot sway you, for infact you may be Suzzane Whipple of The Cotati Chamber of Commerce. And while I myself am not entirely against roundabouts, let me put it as Erik Kirchmann had in your favorite newspaper “The Cotati Independant”. He states, “I am not against roundabouts, I am against a pattern of planning that requires on-going do-overs and tear-aparts, city councils that approve signals and then damn them, councils that approve traffic calming or create it themselves on their streets but deny it on other streets.”

    Here’s a list of every Cotati shop owner/merchant, who’s opposed to you and you’re hack team at the city council’s ‘legacy project’.
    8 Ball Tavern
    A Downtown Auto
    Angelina’s Aesthetics
    Arch’s Glass
    Backstage Service
    Cotati Jewelers
    Cotati Market
    Cotati Oaks True Value Hardware
    Cotati-Rohnert Park Physical Therapy
    Cotati Yacht Club
    Dos Amigos Restaurant
    Ferrari Salon
    Hines Signs
    Loud and Clear Music
    John Osborn, ORH Property Owner
    International Burgers And Shakes
    Miller Driving School
    Mezzetta’s Deli & BBQ
    Mi Pueblo Restaurant
    Mi Ranchito Restaurant
    Masala Jack’s
    Rancho Realtors
    RMS Management
    Royal Coach Car Wash
    It’s a bit shocking isn’t it? Why don’t you make a list now, showing us all, how many shop owners and merchants are in favor of your plan!
    That would be fun, right?

    How about, while we’re at it, we tell the people what Oliver’s Market’s own professional traffic engineers found;
    -”According to our traffic engineer, the round a bout plan that is currently being advocated by City Staff reduces the capacity of Old Redwood Highway by 32 percent from its current design and 40 percent from the capacity the road would have using the DSP design. In addition the round a bout design does not have the capacity to handle the future demand that the DSP EIR forecasted for this section of Old Redwood Highway, with or without an Oliver’s development.”

    I’m glad to see you can use Linkedin, Suzanne, but it’s always nice to cite your sources like so:
    – “http://www.oliversmarket.com/index.php/site/blog_entry/Landlords_Round-a-bouts_and_Cotati ”

    p.s. Citing your sources will help us to know you’re not just making this stuff up. Fun fact.

  6. Thanks for citing my noroundabouts blog, Morgan. Much appreciated. I indeed talked to every one of those businesses, plus a great number of Cotati voters. It will be a huge pleasure to see this incompetent city staff and tone-deaf city council reminded that they only serve at the pleasure of the voters.

    BTW: This leftist lunacy is not unique to Cotati. Check my other blog… http://www.thelittlepicture.net and share your thoughts.

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