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State rejects Cotati roundabout and train station

Friday, May 4th, 2012 | Posted by | 2 responses

Cotati City Hall’s plan to remake its downtown with $3.7 million in redevelopment funds has taken a blow with the state’s rejection of two projects — a $1.8 million traffic roundabout plan and a $1.9 million proposal to build a downtown train station. City officials contend both are “enforceable obligations,” meaning Cotati’s defunct redevelopment agency made financial commitments to them before it ceased to exist.

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2 Comments for “State rejects Cotati roundabout and train station”

  1. At the end of Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close keeps popping out of the tub with a knife in her hand, still trying to cause harm. I have no doubt that City Princess Dianne Thompson will show the same pigheaded determination in her quest to stuff roundabouts down the throats of Cotati citizens. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the City Council try to put a new tax on the ballot to pay for their one-lane traffic-choking fantasy, despite the fact nobody wants it.

  2. It looks like the shoe is on the other foot Ms.Thompson, now it looks as if you will be the one ignored by city hall when it becomes your time to stand up speak your piece about your idea of what is fair or not fair. Guess what, it looks as if all of you on the Cotati city council have some real work to do, but I am sure that all your solutions, as in the past, will revolve around raising taxs on the people & buisness’s of Cotati. Just another reason that I am moving out & taking my buisness elsewhere

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