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UFO, Saturday night?

Monday, April 30th, 2012 | Posted by | 10 responses

The Mutual UFO Network fielded this report of a suspected UFO in Cotati about 10:20 p.m. Saturday, April 28. Did you see it too?

“Arrived home at 10:20 pm PST, walking from car to house, whole family looked up and saw slow moving very bright orange light, bigger and brighter than any visible star or planet. At first suspected it was a satellite, but it was too low and its speed was not consistent. Seemed to hover, move along, hover. It was low enough to be heard if it was an airplane or helicopter, yet there was no sound coming from it.”

The reporting party then walked to the park and saw the same light or another one “coming toward us, stopped, hovered, wobbled, changed direction, shrank and vanished.”

Read the full report at ufostalker.com.

10 Comments for “UFO, Saturday night?”

  1. Sounds exactly like a Chinese lantern…

  2. And then they opened another bottle of Vodka

  3. Anonymous Alien

    No suprise the UFO Cotati. I wonder who it was looking for? Rumor has it that several people in our community are extraterrestrials….you know who you are.

  4. No, does not sound like a Chinese lantern, sounds like something unexplained, and if you go outside with infra red you will see a lot more of them. They cloak in infra red. I was watching the sky in 2010-alot- and saw several objects including a typical saucer that dissipated in front of me, and I got it on video. They are here, and they are not helping us win the fight against the psychopathic bankers.

  5. I believe we’re in Daylight Savings Time now, not PST. If people are being quoted, and expect to be believed, accuracy is essential. Just my opinion.

  6. They were looking for intelligent life but found the city council instead and got the heck out of there!

  7. Will you post your video here (like a link from a YouTube video you uploaded)?

  8. I and three others witnessed another three orang globes moving in a coordinated fashion in hthe northeast sky on sept. 22nd at 9:10 p.m. One of the other witness managed to video the lights with his I-phone.

    • My husband and I saw the same thing, 9/22 at about 10:30 pm, hovering in our western sky…we are in sonoma county. red/orange globes, three of them, pulsating and moving in unison, they eventually disappeared, one at a time.

  9. Cotati Resident

    I saw an orange globe similar to the accounts above earlier in 2012, in February. There were absolutely clear and windy skies. It was a strange form of light. It came from the west as if it were from Bodega Bay, and proceeded south over Petaluma towards Caneros. It would appear, then disappear. At the end of the viewing it abruptly changed direction and disappeared!

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